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Made by: Mark Bracken

  Texas Spalls
These spalls are raw and do not need heat treated to have good workability..They are a good choice for the beginner or expert knapper. There is very little waist when knapping heated spalls. These spalls and average 3-5 inches long.

(Item# TX102)
Price:$46.00 for 13lbs. of stone
  Domestic Shipping: $13.00
International Shipping $58.00.00usd

  Whole cobbles & "Amoebas"
This box contains 2-3
Large size Texas cobbles or Amebas. These Flints/cherts need no heat treatment and are meant for spalling. A good choice for intermediate or expert knappers.
Now remember, we can not see inside our rocks. You should expect that 95% of the stone you get from us to be of good quality free of cracks and bad spots. If you receive a rock that is cracked or has a bad spot contact me and I will make it right.

(Item# TX105)
Price:$39.00 for 15lbs. of stone
  Domestic Shipping: $13.00
International Shipping $58.00.00usd


        Texas Flakes
 These are premium Texas Flakes. A nice mix of heat treated and high grade raw flakes. Both make great arrow points and or ear rings. They're also great for working on your pressure flaking technique. The boxes are composed of small and large flakes and can be ordered in two different quantities listed below.

 (Item# TX106)

 Small Box Price:$15.00
for 6lbs. of stone
 Large Box Price:$25.00 for 12lbs. of stone
Domestic Shipping: $13.00
International Shipping $58.00usd


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