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Made by: Mark Bracken

   Whole cobbles & "Amoebas"
This box contains 2-3
Large size Texas cobbles or Amebas. These Flints/cherts need no heat treatment and are meant for spalling. A good choice for intermediate or expert knappers.
Now remember, we can not see inside our rocks. You should expect that 95% of the stone you get from us to be of good quality free of cracks and bad spots. If you receive a rock that is cracked or has a bad spot contact me and I will make it right.

(Item# TX105)
for 15 lbs. of stone
  Domestic Shipping: $13.00
International Shipping $58.00.00usd

  Heat Treated Texas Spalls
These spalls are heated to just the right temperature for the best workability.They are a good choice for the beginner or expert knapper. There is very little waist when knapping heated spalls. These are small spalls and average 3-5 inches long. While supplies last!

(Item# TX104)
Price:$54.00 for 13lbs. of stone
  Domestic Shipping: $13.00
International Shipping $58.00.00usd

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We ship all our stone in the
USPS "flat Rate" 2-3 day Priority Boxes
At a cost of $13.00 per box!


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