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Made by: Mark Bracken


Texas Tabs
Texas "tabs" are sometimes referred to by modern knappers as "skin"em-n-Notch'em" rocks. A highly sought after Texas variety. A great choice for any skill level. They have an excellent reputation for their ease of workability and value because of the natural flat easy to work shapes. Length vary from 3-5 inches long.

(Item# TX101)
Price:$63.00 for 15 lbs. of stone.
Shipping $13.00


        High Grade Spalls
 These spalls are high grade and do not need heat treating best workability.They are a good choice for the beginner or expert knapper. There is very little waist when knapping spalls. Spalls are the most popular choice for today's knapper. These spalls range from 3-5 inches and average 3.5 inches long. 

   (Item# TX102)
for 15 lbs. of stone
  Shipping $13.00

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At a cost of $13.00 per box!

        Whole Texas Cobbles
 These cobbles are high grade and are a great choice for a knapper looking to work on his/her spalling. Each box contains 3-4 whole cobbles. Colors range from a dark black to light brown with an occasional colorful streak. These whole rocks are carefully selected for their purity. We can see inside our rocks and can not guarantee it to be free of flaws. If you find you received a bad piece of stone please take a picture and email it to us and we will make it right. Skill range Moderate to Expert knapper.

   (Item# TX105)
for 15 lbs. of stone
  Shipping $13.00


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